ADB showcases tru2way interoperability

Set-top vendor ADB has demonstrated how one of its models can support both Cisco and Motorola tru2way headends.

At a recent CableLabs interoperability event, the ADB-4820C set-top was first connected to a Cisco head-end using a Cisco CableCARD, and displayed Time Warner Cable’s TV channels and tru2way interactive guide. The CableCARD was removed from the box and replaced with a Motorola CableCARD without powering down the set-top. The box then automatically connected to the Motorola headend, and in less than five minutes displayed Comcast’s TV channels and tru2way interactive guide.

“Lots of people doubt it’s possible because US cable networks are so complex and integration is so difficult,” said ADB CEO Francois Pogodalla. “For an operator, it means it can take four to five minutes for an installer to configure the box and swap the customer from one network to another.”
Tru2way is a US interactive cable standard and the ADB-4820C is set-top has been tru2way certified since early 2008.