Dreampark and Oregan support OTT

Middleware company Dreampark has announced its support for over the top services.

The company said its latest Dreamgallery platform enables operators to utilise OTT services and web content. “It is necessary to have the same user interface in both the controlled environment, such as IPTV, and in the OTT environment so that operators can keep the same branding across the user
Interface,” the company said. “Dreampark’s user interface may be designed to provide the subscribers with an identical look and feel for both services, making it easier to move back and forth between OTT and managed IPTV services.”

Separately, interactive TV software provider Oregan has added video streaming capability for connected TVs and set-top boxes to its Onyx embedded multi-source media browser, supporting the delivery of over-the-top services to TVs.

The new capability allows unicast video streaming in any format, including H264, WMV9 and Flash, to non-PC consumer electronics using adaptive streaming to eliminate buffering.