Eutelsat’s Tooway to assist Ireland’s broadband help scheme

Satellite broadcaster Eutelsat’s broadband via satellite service Tooway has been chosen by Ireland’s National Broadband Scheme to deliver high-speed broadband connectivity to homes and businesses in rural Ireland.

Under the scheme, Tooway’s service will be delivered to up to 5% of the 223,000 targeted buildings across rural Ireland. Those qualifying under the scheme will receive Tooway’s 3.6 Mbps broadband service for €19.99 per month, following a one-off €49.00 installation & hardware charge.

Mobile operator 3 is running the National Broadband Scheme on behalf of the government. The scheme is expecting an estimated €223m of investment, of which a maximum of €79.8m will be contributed by the government and EU to provide broadband services to the designated electoral districts covered by the scheme.

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