Retail deal and Euronews launch for Latvian DTT

Latvian telco Lattelecom has struck agreement with local retail chains Elkor and RD Electronics that it says will ensure the availability of digital-terrestrial TV reception equipment in stores beginning this week.

Separately, Euronews is to become the first international news channel to launch on Latvian digital-terrestrial TV. The channel will be offered via the economic and basic pay-TV packages on the platform, and will be available in English, French, German and Russian.

Under Lattelecom’s agreement with the retail chains, Latvian viewers will be able to buy set-tops and smartcards from Elkor’s five Riga stores and RD Electronics’ 11 stores across the country, allowing them access to digital-terrestrial pay-TV channels. Reception equipment is currently available from Lattelecom customer service centres and stores or can be ordered online or by phone.

Latvia’s DTT service currently provides five free channels and two pay-TV packages comprising 15 and 30 channels respectively. Lattelecom said that about 3,000 homes had installed DTT since mid-August, when the platform was officially launched.