Over-the-top will lead to power shift, say experts

The growth of over-the-top viewing via a range of internet-enabled devices will lead to a tangible shift in power away from classic broadcast TV providers over the next five years, according to a survey of content experts conducted by consulting firm Global Media Consult.

The survey of 280 experts across over 20 markets found that most expected telcos, IPTV operators, and manufacturers of consumer electronics equipment to be the big winners from the growth of new over-the-top distribution models, while traditional free or pay-TV broadcasters are not expected to play a major role.

Some 75% of the experts interviewed expected viewers to become more selective, demanding special internet content on top of familiar programmes. Non-fiction and user-generated content is expected to grow in popularity. Some 60% of the experts predicted little growth for traditional pay-TV models, while 68% expected content and platform operators to introduce a mix of micro-payment and individual payment methods.

The US is expected to remain the leading content producing country for the next five years, followed by the UK and India.