Numericable adds 40,000 high-speed broadband subs

Numericable has added over 40,000 subscribers to its ultra high-speed internet service so far this year.

The French cable operator announced that it now has 195,000 ultra high-speed broadband customers compared with 152,000 at the start of the year. The number of overall internet subscribers stands at 1.04 million, up 3.7% since March. Numericable’s TV subscriber base remained stable at 3.5 million. Subscribers to its SUN social triple-play offer rose 54% since March to 215,000 in September.

The cancellation rate across all of Numericable’s services has fallen to 18.5% from 27% a year earlier. The operator said it hopes to raise its market share to 25% from 20% following the launch of a €19.90 triple-play package this December.





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