YouSee to make digital services available unencrypted

Danish cable operator YouSee is to make its digital services available unencrypted in a bid to boost take-up.

The move is designed to circumvent the need to buy additional equipment to receive digital services, which YouSee sees as a significant barrier to adoption. The operator’s basic, intermediate and full digital packages will now be available to most homes in the YouSee footprint that have invested in flat-screen TVs with built-in digital cable receivers. The operator believes that over 500,000 homes – or half of its subscriber base – will be able migrate to digital within the next two years as a result.

YouSee will begin broadcasting its digital channels in the clear on September 15. Two new channels, DR Update and DR’s new HD channel, will be made available.

YouSee will also offer an enhanced DVR service, YouSee Plus, which is available for DKK89 (€12) a month. The service includes live pause, rewind and record functionality and start-over (currently with 18 channels) anc catch-up TV), offering access to 30 days of broadcasts from DR1 and DR2). YouSee also plans to offer an enhanced HD service, initially providing HD versions of Kanal 5, TV2 Film and TV2 Sport. The operator will also allow subscribers to its intermediate package to select four additional channels for DKK48 a month. YouSee also plans to introduce a multiroom service in January for DKK74. Finally, the operator is making its basic, intermediate and full packages available to new customers free of charge until the end of the year if they sign up by November 1.

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