Sky trio reap rewards of company’s success

Jeremy Darroch, the CEO of UK pay-TV operator BSkyB, has cashed in shares to the value of £3.73m (€4.39m), according to local reports, while his salary has increased 19% to £2.32m.

Darroch’s salary increase during the 12 months to the end of June was the results of a 22% improvement in his bonus, which increased to £1.49m from £1.22m the previous year, after the company exceeding targets on earnings, cash flow and subscriber growth. The bonus makes up 180% of Darroch’s salary, which increased to pounds £825,000 from £750,000.

Sky’s chief financial officer Andrew Griffith, has also disposed of 332,000 shares at 533p per share, which is equal to £1.77m. Meanwhile, former CEO James Murdoch will receive a cash payment of £4.87m following the vesting of 913,000 shares.

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