Numericable turns to customers to promote service

French cable operator Numericable is to base its next promotional campaign around testimonials from its existing client base.

In what might be seen as a risky strategy for an operator that until recently had a notoriously bad reputation for customer service, Numericable has called on customers to offer testimonials and ideas via Numerispace, the community-based video service it launched at the beginning of this year, and is offering prizes totalling €110,000 for the best offerings. The winning entries will be used as part of a publicity campaign to attract new subscribers. The operator said that it had established an improved level of satisfaction amongst customers over the past several months, and that investment in its customer service division and in its new fibre network had begun to bear fruit.

Numerispace allows users to share videos and photos and view them on channel 902 of Numericable’s digital TV service as well as on the Numericable website. Numericable has teamed up with agency McCann Erickson to develop the campaign.