Telekom Austria plans €1bn fixed-line upgrade

Telekom Austria has said it will invest €1bn in modernising its fixed-line infrastructure over the next four years.

The operator plans to deliver fibre-to-the-home to over 150,000 households and hotels and restaurants, following trials in Klagenfurt and Vienna. The operator will deliver 100Mbps services by next year, with tests of 1Gbps services to follow. The trial market of Villach in Carinthia will become Austria’s first “fibre city” in September with the deployment of a fibre-to-the-curb infrastructure that will deliver speeds of up to 30Mbps across the city. Telekom Austria plans to deliver speeds of up to 30Mbps to 750,000 households and businesses in rural areas over the next four years. All voice services will be migrated to IP, beginning with Lower Austria and Salzburg later this year.

Telekom Austria also said it would invest a further €500,000 in its mobile infrastructure, aimed at improving its mobile broadband services.