PlayJam to be offered as Yahoo! TV Widget

Interactive TV games provider PlayJam has joined Yahoo! and Intel’s Widget architecture to develop services for internet-connected TVs.

The PlayJam widget will provide fasters and simpler access to features such as accounts, leader boards, saved games and competition entry, according to the company. Internet-connected TV users will not be charged a connection fee, as is the case with existing pay-TV broadcasters. PlayJam will offer a range of free and pay-to-play casual games, beginning with Jamble Jewels, Space Cowboy and Wordsearch Fridge, to be followed by Sudoku and Darts. PlayJam will offer about 18 games in total via its widget.

Other Yahoo! TV Widget participants include MySpace, Amazon and Blockbuster.
Separately, PlayJam has launched its Kurraku Refuelled game on Apple’s iPhone, available for download via the iTunes store. The company said it would offer further games on the iPhone in the future. 

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