Harmonic partners with Vobile

Video equipment supplier Harmonic has partnered with content ID company Vobile to combine protection and monetisation of video content.

Vobile VideoDNA fingerprinting technology will be integrated with Harmonic’s Rhozet Carbon Coder transcoding solution to enable Carbon Coder users to automatically generate VideoDNA fingerprints for video content during the transcoding process. Harmonic said this will enable them to monitor, protect and monetise content more effectively.

Content owners using the Rhozet and Vobile solution will be able to automatically generate VideoDNA fingerprints while transcoding, and then submit them to the Vobile VD database, along with metadata and business rules regarding content usage. Applications that access the Vobile VD database will then be able to identify the content and retrieve the associated business rules, such as the VideoTracker service, which enables content owners to monitor and manage their content online, and MediaWise, a service that allows online publishers to identify user-uploaded content for purposes of rights management and monetisation.

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