UK TV ad revenue faring better than other media

TV advertising revenues in the UK have hit a floor and the second half of the year should see the growth rates level given easier year-on-year comparatives, according to research outfit GroupM.

It has lowered its forecasts for several advertising categories, but maintained its minus 14% forecast for TV, which it says has stabilised since March. “TV costs-per-thousands are now very attractive. This is why TV revenue seems to have found a floor while less ‘dynamic’ media are still falling,” the research group noted.

At the same time GroupM noted that “no other previous recession has put household media names at risk like this one has, from local newspapers… to national TV channels.” It forecasts that TV ad revenues will be down 14% this year and 3% in 2010. “We hope to see some sort of recovery in 2010, but assume consumer demand will remain weak for at least another year as falling jobs, wages, debts and house prices play out,” GroupM noted.

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