Kabel BW launches June promotions

German cable operator Kabel BW has launched a series of promotions, including up to €150 of credit for new subscribers.

New subscribers ordering the Entertain-Paketes CleverKabel 32 package, which costs €49.90 per month for two phone lines, a pay-TV package and 32Mpbs broadband connection, will receive €150 of credit. Those taking the Doppel-Flat-Angebot CleverKabel 20 package, which includes a 20Mpbs broadband connection and flat rate phone calls for €29.90 a month, will receive €120 in credit, while the operator will credit €60 to customers choosing the CleverKabel Telefon package which costs €19.90 for flatrate phone calls.

In addition, pay-TV packages Kabel Digital Home, Männer Paket and TV Paket are free of charge for the first three months. All offers are available until the end of June.

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