Ofcom sets BT wholesale prices

UK communications regulator Ofcom has confirmed the new prices that telco BT’s Openreach division can charge for access to its wholesale service.

From May 22 to April 2010, a fully undbundled line will cost £86.40 (€98.43), up from  £81.69. A shared unbundled line, where a communications provider shares the line with BT for the provision of broadband services, will remain at £15.60. Ofcom said the prices are designed “to promote continued competition in the provision of voice and broadband services and to ensure that Openreach has the appropriate incentives to invest in delivering the services required by its customers.”

Ofcom said that in three years, the number of unbundled lines has increased from 123,000 to 5.84 million, which means customers are offered more choice and better value for money.

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