Com Hem to shut down former UPC analogue offer

Swedish cable operator Com Hem is to shut down the basic analogue offer distributed via the former UPC Sweden network, affecting about 100,000 subscribers in Stockholm.

Com Hem will begin shutting down the Analog-TV Bas package on July 1 following its SEK100m (€9m) upgrade of the Stockholm network. Customers will be offered a digital package with the same channels as the analogue offer and an additional 20 channels for the same subscription fee as before. The Analog-TV Bas service will be discontinued completely by November 3.

Customers who do not wish to switch to digital TV can continue to receive a basic analogue package consisting of SVT1, SVT2, SVT 24, Barn/Kunskapskanalen, TV4 and a local channel based on the agreement that their landowner has with Com Hem.