Belgacom to offer new basic package with HD

Belgian telco Belgacom is launching a new HD-inclusive TV offer to drive uptake of its services following the May 19 end of the initial free-to-air phase of its HDTV launch.

Belgacom TV Comfort, which will replace the existing Classic Plus offer, will include five HD channels and will cost €12.50 a month, or €18.50 a month if set-top rental is included. The offer will include 82 channels in Flanders, 90 in Brussels and 75 in Wallonia. The HD services will also be included as part of Belgacom’s Comfort View DVR offer.

The five HD channels offered as part of the new package are één HD, Canvas HD, vtm HD, TF1 HD and France 2 HD. Belgacom Comfort TV is also offered as part of dual or triple-play packages. Additional HD channels are offered in the Select and Movie & Sport packages.