Whitepaper | Video Quality for Virtualized Environments

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Improve Video Quality in Virtualized Environments

Video providers are presented with the opportunity to improve picture quality by using new tools, including emerging technologies that support the High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) standard, Ultra High Definition (UHD) resolution delivery and high dynamic range (HDR) video. At the same time, they are confronted by the technological challenge of implementing these new tools and technologies across an increasingly software-based infrastructure while maintaining the requisite levels of reliability to successfully deliver high-quality video.

In this Cisco white paper, “Video Quality for Virtualized Environments”, find out how video providers can pursue video-quality enhancements in an increasingly virtualized environment.
Read this free white paper and learn how:

• The emergence and adoption of virtualized video-processing technologies are key to meeting the mandate for video-quality improvements
• Video-processing orchestration can simplify the support for tools and technologies, such as HEVC, UHD, and HDR
• Evolving approaches to video-quality assessment can take advantage of virtualized environments