Whitepaper | Total Cost of Ownership: The Key Metric for Multi-DRM Strategy

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As video service operators turn to OTT services to stay competitive, they are faced with managing multiple DRMs for a full multi-screen experience.

Operators and OVPs are now realizing the true levels of cost and complexity associated with building and managing a multi-DRM platform. In fact, more than half are attempting an in-house DRM solution. But, a new white paper from Frost & Sullivan reveals that this strategy may be based on gross miscalculations.

Get your copy and explore the argument behind build vs. buy which includes:

• 5 cost considerations for a DRM solution
• Key aspects of total cost of ownership for DRM
• Best practice guidance on deploying secure content services

Download your copy of the white paper to understand the total cost of ownership for DRM in the context of OTT and why Frost & Sullivan sees DRM not simply as an anti-piracy solution, but as a business-enabling monetization.