Webinar | UHD and HDR: Moving From Idea To Widespread Adoption

UHD and HDR are primed for consumers. UHD displays are available and HDR will likely become a standard feature in the next TV a consumer buys. The foundational enabling technologies for HDR are well understood. Compression technologies can handle HDR without much overhead.

So what’s the hold up?

In This webinar ARRIS will give a better understanding of the technology landscape and industry status and discuss an outlook for adoption of UHD and HDR.
  • HDR TV penetration is still below critical mass.  We’ll look at market dynamics related to the adoption of UHD HDR displays.
  • UHD & HDR end-to-end standards still being developed and approved
    – We’ll look at the kind of standards needed for different use cases, such as: cable, IPTV, OTT, SVOD, nDVR, & Blu-ray.
    – We’ll look at the different needs of live and pre-recorded content
    – We’ll look at the issues related to backwards compatibility.
  • Objective methods of quantifying video quality or UHD and HDR in particular are still evolving. We’ll look at the state of the research and what it means with respect to preserving artistic intent, which is a key motivator for UHD HDR adoption