Multiscreen Video & Piracy: The Big Picture

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Multiscreen-Video-PiracyPay TV operators and others are now embracing the world of OTT and multiscreen video, but the business models have in many cases still to be worked out. As more premium video services are made available over unmanaged networks to multiple devices, operators will face a growing threat of internet piracy. How aware are operators of the threat and what measures do they think are necessary to protect their business?

In August 2013 DTVE carried out a survey of over 160 industry professionals on their perceptions of multiscreen video business models and the threat of internet piracy. We also looked at service providers’ concerns and the ways in which they might be addressed. Multiscreen Video and Piracy: The Big Picture provides key insights into industry perspectives on piracy, its impact on service providers and ways to tackle the threat posed by the illicit consumption of content.